Everyone Gets Angry

Anger is a natural emotion. At Anger-Online, we provide you with the tools to manage your emotions. All our court-approved courses can be attended from the privacy of your own home.

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Proven online anger management courses and counseling experience makes us the best choice.

Anger-Online is a stress-free and life-changing way to complete anger management programs. Courses can be completed from the privacy of your own home, at your office, or right from your sofa.

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Our Basic (Level 1) Anger Management Course

In our Basic Anger Management Course, you will look at the root causes of anger and what makes us angry.

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Our Midlevel (Level 2) Anger Management Course

Our Mid-Level Anger Management Course qualifies for what most courts refer to as a “LEVEL TWO” Anger Course or an “18 to 26 hour course.”

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Our Comprehensive (Level 3) Anger Management Course

The Comprehensive Anger Management Course qualifies as a “LEVEL THREE” Anger Course or as a “36 to 52 hour course” depending on how your court defined its course expectations.

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  • Anger Management – Comprehensive Course – Level 3

    anger management level 3 online course $199.00
  • Anger Management – Mid Level Course – Level 2

    online anger management court ordered $149.00
  • Anger Management –
    Basic Course – Level 1

    basic anger managment course online $99.00


  • Get Over It!
    Anger n’ YOU

    anger management course book $21.99

    Available as Paperback or Kindle download

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  • Get a Grip on LIFE: DrGLifeCoach.com

    get a grip on life $8.99

    Available as Paperback or Kindle download

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  • Dr. G’s Anger Management Workbook

    online anger management workbook $13.31

    Kindle Edition

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