• Remember what does a child who watches the parents fight, argue, yell, scream, and shove think? What does he or she learn from those parents about love, life, boundaries and trust?
  • Children seeing abuse is devastating. Watching people who say how much they loved each other enough to get married and have them, suddenly hate and try to destroy each other verbally and often physically, leaves some very confused kids. Does love have to lead to hate? Can love last? What do mom or dad really mean when they say they love me? Will my parents fall out of love with me, and hit me too?
  • Children who see abuse in their home, learn abuse as the method of control. If they see the cycle of violence, the fights, arguing, remorse, then kiss and make up as the standard for relationships, what kind of a relationship can they expect to have? Violence leads to violence. Angry abusive people often come from violent, abusive homes. Remember, you are teaching your kids every moment, they are learning from you as you model how to handle life and its problems.
  • Teach them healthy ways to resolve issues. Martin Luther King Jr. said: "Violence is ... impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. The old law of an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind." When the goal is to humiliate rather than understand the opponent, the relationship turns to destruction rather than growth and sharing.
  • Please note, the Law says Domestic Violence is NOT just hitting!