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Court Approved Online Anger Management Courses

  • Take courses to meet court requirements.
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At Anger-Online, we promise to do our best to help you help yourself. We offer proven methods to help reduce your anger, thus making your life more affirmative and balanced.

The Anger-Online anger management courses are designed to give you extensive knowledge of what causes your anger and how to control the triggers. We promise our courses will positively impact your personal and professional life.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike many other court ordered programs – Alcohol Diversion, Domestic Violence, First Time Offenders – there are currently no penal codes or laws defining the specifics of Anger Management Courses. In most states and counties, the individual courts set their own definitions and standards. Anger-Online attempts to meet the largest variety of requirements. When in doubt, it is best to confirm acceptable courses with your court officer.

Basic (Level 1) Anger Management Course

In our Basic (Level 1) Anger Management Course, you will look at the root causes of anger and what makes us angry. You will discover how anger is part of everyone’s life, even those who proclaim to have never been angry!

Our Basic (Level 1) Anger Management Course is aimed at and typically qualifies for what most courts refer to as a “LEVEL ONE” Anger Course or an “8 to 12 hour course”.


Mid-Level (Level 2) Anger Management Course

For our Mid-Level Anger Management Class, in addition to exploring the basics of anger, you will also explore how feelings impact and amplify our anger. This course will also delve into and define the various types of anger. Upon course completion, you will have a better awareness of what brings out the “worst in you” versus the “best in you”!

Our Mid-Level Anger Management Course qualifies for what most courts refer to as a “LEVEL TWO” Anger Course or an “18 to 26 hour course”.


Comprehensive (Level 3) Anger Management Course

This is Anger-Online’s Comprehensive Anger Management Course, which includes all the lessons from our Basic and Mid-Level courses plus adds topics such as stress issues, healthy arguing, time-outs and a discussion regarding the of different types of violence that can lead into personal grievances and legal problems.

The Comprehensive Anger Management Course qualifies as a “LEVEL THREE” Anger Course or as a “36 to 52 hour course” depending on how your court defined its course expectations.



Request more information about our Anger In The Workplace Program, which is utilized by a number of restaurants and service chains.

Court Ordered Domestic Violence Batterer’s Groups (Men’s and Women’s)

PLEASE NOTE: Most states and courts do not allow ONLINE programs for those charged with Domestic Violence. As such, our Beverly Hills office offers court approved Domestic Violence Batterers Programs for Men and Women.

We are one of the original court approved programs in Los Angeles County. Our program is renowned and offers some schedule flexibility due to the nature of our clientele, many of whom have international travel demands or work in the entertainment industry. We keep our classes small and they are conveniently located in Beverly Hills.

For more information about our office program, please follow the Domestic Violence Court Ordered Groups link, which takes you to our ‘brick and mortar’ office website.

Domestic Violence Court Ordered Groups


For information about our excellent non-court ordered Self Help Anger Programs and Resources, please visit our sister-site, Beverly Hills Self Help.

Beverly Hills Self Help

Should you need additional information or have questions about your court order, please do not hesitate to email us at info@anger-online.com, call our office 310-271-3784 (we can accept voicemail or text), or use our contact form.

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