Anger Management – Comprehensive Course – Level 3


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Course Outline

  • To define and understand what constitutes Anger and Violence.
  • To learn what the laws say about Anger.
  • To understand how our culture and our own family influences how we respond to Anger.
  • To acquire an overview of the techniques for managing our own anger as well as our response to others aggression and anger.
  • To achieve an understanding of the dynamics of Anger, Rage and Violence.
  • To understand that management is the goal, not to extinguish it but to learn how to manage and control your anger!

Course Info and Pacing

The Course is divided up into Three Parts to help you self-pace the program and your work.

You will be given reading assignments. You will have study questions to complete, followed by test questions which are taken directly from the final exam (with some minor wording changes). Please note the study question answers that you enter are not graded, but will be retained for two years. In the event your court challenges the completion certificate, Anger-Online is able to provide a copy of the study questions proving a live person completed the course. The study questions are designed to help you better understand Anger, which in turn will help you better manage your life. Certainly valuable knowledge for anyone!

Once you have completed the study questions, you can review the sample test questions. These are designed to aid you be successful by the time you take the final exam. At Anger-Online, our goal is to ensure you progress through the self-paced reading and studying, and can make positive changes in the handling of your anger issues by the time you complete the exam.

During the course journey, the anger management course materials and study questions may trigger some personal issues and/or emotions for which outside input would be beneficial. Please know you are always welcome to email or call our office for comments, help, support, or suggestions. We are here to help you.

You may submit 3 emails to discuss issues during the time you are taking the course at no additional cost. If you have further issues that you would like to discuss, please feel free to call the office, or email and we can set up an ONLINE/IM/Chat counseling session ($75/50 minute hour), or set up a phone counseling session at the same special rate.

Our regular office rate for brick and mortar sessions of “in the office counseling” – is $145/session but if you are in our neighborhood and mention having taken the course, we reduce the office rate to just $120/session for Anger-Online members.


After you complete the multiple choice Final Exam at the end of the Lesson Page – and pass with 70% or more – you will be directed to your certificate. Your Certificate can be immediately printed and/or saved to your computer.

Course Goals

  • To understand Anger and its advanced stages: Rage & Violence.
  • To understand how Anger impacts us, and those around us.
  • To understand that Anger is a normal emotion, but that Violence is not.
  • To understand that Violence, and the abuse it brings, is not only physical, but Violence can be emotional, sexual, economic and verbal also.
  • To be able to understand some of your own Anger issues (overt and covert), and thus improve your social skills.



Here is a short sample of the condensed PDF textbook included with your course. Participants interested in purchasing a ‘hardcopy’ paperback version of Dr. G’s – “GET OVER IT! Anger n’ You” can do so on