Online Anger Management Program – Disclaimer

This course should ONLY be taken for educational purposes. It is NOT a substitute for psychological or medical advice or therapy. If you think you have a psychological or medical problem, please consult with your doctor or call 911 in an emergency.

Our program is geared toward the user learning improved communication skills and alternatives to violence. Completion of our program does NOT assure that the presenting issues will stop, nor is it geared toward dealing with individual psychological and emotional problems the person may have.

Upon completion of our online program, we offer our clients the use of our “live” office groups as a future resource, at no cost, for up to ten sessions. Feel free to use the groups for assistance or advice during these visits.

We welcome you and will do our best to help you HELP YOURSELF. Thank you for checking out our approved online anger management courses.

NOTE: Please check with your court to verify that they allow online courses.

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