On a whim, I went to a show a couple of weeks ago. I was not expecting much, but came away very moved. It was an amazing show, amazing talent (lead actor Milo Manheim was amazing and so was actor Will Meyer) both confirmed actors with long term goals. And as a shrink, I was glad to see that GenMe folks are humanistic enough to suffer with the Angst, Pathos and Consternation that has shaped generation after generation. It is during those times that we write our most moving and intense music, stories and do our best art. I wish I had caught it earlier, and could see the show again, thanks for sharing. Grief and Loss is the start that we call the end – those left behind rethink Life and carry on the spirit of those gone. Instead of addressing the GenMe spoiled issues, it followed the feelings that came forth with a suicide of a seemingly liked, successful guy. And the angst that was brought about by that, and particularly the angst and pathos his best friend went through by ‘not being there’ for him at a pivotal moment in Milo’s life. There is HOPE for the generation, and thanks to some great acting by all the cast. With today’s electronic music and the voice enhancers, it was a pleasure to see that some GenMe are still interested in playing instruments. Here is a link to their trailer, though this version of the show is closed, GEN ME folks are everywhere!! Yup. Thanks for giving me some hope for the future, though my time is limited, yours sure isn’t. ENJOY, Look, See and Feel the world around you.

Gen Me Trailer  

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