How It Works

How Our Online Anger Management Courses Work

You can’t get rid of anger. Nor can you avoid or change the people or triggers that enrage you. What you can do is learn how to control your reactions.

At Anger-Online, our goal is to offer anger management courses which help reduce both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal that causes them. Our online course programming has helped countless people learn successful new anger management behavioural techniques.


Here’s how it works:

  • You will download a PDF version of our text/workbook. This is included at no additional cost with your program.
  • To help keep you on-track for the longer courses, we have set-up the program into Parts for easy self-pacing.
  • Each Part has a Reading Assignment in the PDF
  • Each Part includes Study/Reflection Questions to help you understand yourself and anger in general.
  • Each Part has Practice Test Questions that are based on the tests at end of each part, so you can study.
  • Each Part has a 10 Question Test at the end which has to be passed with a 70% score to move on and/or receive Certificate.
  • If you are only taking the Basic (Level 1) Course then you take the test, receive your certificate and you are done!
  • If you are taking the courses with more parts, you will receive a certificate when you pass the final test in the final Part.
  • You will have three attempts to pass each test.
  • Your downloadable Certificate of Completion can be printed out immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not able to pass tests after three tries, contact us for advice and assistance. Please read our Guarantee and Disclaimer. Thank you.

If you need further information or have questions about your court’s request, please email us at

Our office phone: 310-271-3784 handles texts as well as voicemail, or you can also fill out the form below.

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